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Cider Buzz

Cider Week features these regional farm-made and craft ciders.

Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House

Walden, NY

The Angry Orchard is a 60-acre farm featuring a historic apple orchard in the New York Hudson River Valley. A farm since the mid-1700s, the Orchard’s first apple trees date back at least one hundred years, with the land converted to a full-time apple orchard by the 1950s. The Hudson Valley’s rich apple growing history and the exciting craft cider culture make this Walden, New York location a particularly good fit for Angry Orchard. By exploring projects with local universities, community organizations and other cideries, the cider makers at Angry Orchard are working to maximize apple harvests and plant traditional cider apple trees – which have been virtually nonexistent in the US since Prohibition – to test which varieties grow the best in New York and make the best cider.

The Innovation Cider House located on-site is Angry Orchard’s home for research and development. Through experimentation with cider making techniques, ingredients, wild fermentation, barrel aging and apple varieties – particularly those known to grow well in New York – Angry Orchard creates ciders to serve exclusively in Walden, with the potential for those ciders to eventually become available to drinkers across the country. The cidery also features an interactive visitor’s center where guests can learn more about the history and heritage of cider making and enjoy a variety of Angry Orchard cider styles, both new and old in the tasting room.

Bad Seed Cider

Highland, NY

It’s the kind of idea you get after a few Drinks at the local pub – hey, let’s start a Cider Company! – and then forget about the next day. But a couple of guys up in Highland New York actually followed through with it. Ever since the summer of 2011 when Two childhood friends banded together with meager savings and a love of cider, we have been crafting, selling and talking everything Cider. It’s our past time, our passion, our life. Since the beginning, we have always wanted to bring Hand crafted truly Dry Cider to the world.
We seek to advance the craft cider industry through mixing both old and new cider techniques and craft beer influences. Making ciders from 100% fresh pressed apples grown by us on a 6th generation family farm with no Alchemy used, after all this is cider not science. You wont find the endless list of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and excuses on our label because we don’t use them.

Big Apple Hard CIder

New York, NY

Big Apple Hard Ciders are small-batch ciders made with 100% New York State apples. Naturally gluten free. Every varietal of Big Apple Hard Cider gives back to a local charity in the borough or neighborhood that bears its name.

Blackduck CIder

Ovid, NY

Wild fermented ciders & perry from the Finger Lakes. We grow fruit. It turns into cider and perry. You can drink it up. Yum!

Brooklyn Cider House

New Paltz, NY

We’re from Brooklyn, by way of Korea and Europe, but we first fell for hard cider in the Basque Country, where it flows freely from giant casks. Between sips and spirited conversation, we saw a beautiful and uncanny connection between the forgotten early American and the vibrant Basque cider traditions and we knew we had to bring that home. So, we quit our jobs and went apple picking, literally.

Our orchard is in New Paltz, the heart of the Hudson Valley, and our ciders are made only once a year using fresh, in season, handpicked apples. Never chaptalized or acidified, we believe in minimal intervention. We prefer to let Mother Nature take its course and not rush the cider making process.


Descendant Cider

Queens, New York

Descendant Cider Company is New York City’s first cidery producing a range of ciders from apples sourced from farms across New York State. All their ciders are handmade in small batches right in NYC.

Diner Brew Co.

Mount Vernon, NY


We are southern Westchester’s premier cidery, focused on historical interpretation and forward-looking innovation to craft fine, hard ciders for your enjoyment!

Doc’s Draft

Warwick, NY

Doc’s Draft Hard Ciders are the original craft ciders of New York established in 1994.  Our mission since our inception has been to create fruit based alcoholic beverages that are as unique as the fruits themselves. All of our hard ciders are hand crafted with whole New York State grown apples.  The apples are fresh pressed just before fermentation to ensure the highest quality for our ciders.  Naturally gluten free.

Eden Specialty Cider Co.

Newport, VT

Eden Ice Cider is a boutique cidery in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Focusing on unique expressions of extraordinary apples that reflect the heritage and climate of this beautiful region. 100% Vermont ingredients, no additions, subtractions, enzymes or fining agents. Making elegant, gold-medal winning ice ciders and herb-infused aperitif ciders in limited quantities for adventurous wine drinkers, creative chefs, confident sommeliers and inspired bartenders — find out more at!

Embark Craft Ciderworks

Williamson, NY


We are a 5th generation family fruit farm operating an orchard-based cidery using apples and other fruit grown on our 200 acres of land. Our cider features our own fruit.

Eve’s Cidery

Van Etten, NY

Eve’s is an orchard-based cidery producing Traditional Method ciders at the intersection of the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau. Our best days are spent outside in the sun and rain growing apples on steep hillsides and rolling them down to the cidery. James and Autumn started Eve’s Cidery in 2001, using apples grown at James’ u-pick orchard. Since then, Eve’s has evolved into a cidery that grows apples for cider-making only, selecting specific varieties and intentionally growing them for cider quality: organically grown apples that bring concentrated flavors, structure and acidity to their ciders. James brings the wisdom and masochism of a sixth generation orchardist. Autumn has the groundbreaking ideas and a brilliant pallet. Ezra holds the whole thing together with a steady and a dark sense of humor. We work hard, we are often uplifted by the result, and we are battered and awed by the outside world together.

Farnum Hill Ciders

Lebanon, NH

Farnum Hill Ciders/Poverty Lane Orchards is a modern version of a 19th-century orchard business, producing both fermented cider and fresh apples. The Wood family grows many varieties of strange-tasting bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples both for our own Farnum Hill Ciders and for sale to other cidermakers. Our dry, complex ciders, 6.5%-8.5% alcohol, sell year-round in seven Northeastern states and in limited additional states throughout the US. We also grow many varieties of eating and cooking apples for seasonal fresh markets, both wholesale and retail. As apple growers and civilized consumers, we envision a time when every good host will keep a good red, a good white, a good beer, and a good distinctive regional cider on hand.

Graft Cider

Newburgh, NY

Graft Cider produces exploratory wild yeast fermented dry sour ciders. Our main line consists of our flagship Rustic cider, Farm Flor, in addition to our monthly rotating Hop and Gose cider. Graft Chronicles, our high end line consists of two separate series “Cloud City”, our Dreamsicle Line and “Book of Nomad”, our sour fruited series.

Hardscrabble Cider

North Salem, NY

Hardscrabble Cider is the epitome of a hand-crafted, farm-to-bottle beverage. All stages of the process take place on the farm – from growing, picking and cleaning the apples, to pressing, fermenting and bottling the final product. The cider is crafted from a blend of the 10 varieties of apples grown on site – the end result being a clean, crisp, fruit-forward beverage. The recent addition of a tasting room and outdoor patio has provided the perfect venue for enjoying Hardscrabble Cider and taking in the views the orchard has to offer.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider

Staatsburg, NY

For over twenty years, Elizabeth Ryan of Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill has produced Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider; a fresh, unfiltered, unsulphited, authentic artisan farmhouse cider. We grow over 100 varieties of apples and other fruit, including American and European heirloom and heritage apple varieties. What sets Breezy Hill apart is our dedication to quality ingredients, environmental stewardship, fair labor, and support of our local economy.


Kings Highway Fine Cider

Millerton, NY

During colonial times, “cyder” makers hauled their barrels via carriage to New York City on a hodgepodge of cowpaths and Indian trails known as Kings Highway. Connecting hamlets and villages like Bushwick, Gravesend, and New Utrecht, the road eventually birthed the city of Brooklyn. Today, Kings Highway Fine Cider is inspired equally by its colonial cider roots as well as its modern day mix of inhabitants, hailing from all corners of the planet and creating one of the most accepting, inviting places in the world. We specialize in dry ciders of all types including heritage, wood-aged, fruited, spiced, and speciality ciders that, until now, have never existed. In 2016, we broke ground on a production facility in the town of Millerton, NY in the the Harlem Valley of Dutchess County. A year later, we’re happy to report that our ciders have been well received, winning 17 medals at the prestigious 2017 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP).

Kite & String

Interlaken, NY

Good Life Farm is our certified organic farm and home to Kite & String, formerly branded as Good Life Cider. We started farming here in 2008. In 2013 we added cidermaking and two full-timers, Matt Gordon and Garrett’s brother Jimmy Miller. In 2015 we opened the Finger Lakes Cider House tasting room with our ever-growing crew of farmers, artists, bartenders, and alchemists. It is an honor to share these gifts.

Metal House Cider

Esopus, NY

Metal House Cider has recently released their (first) 2015 vintage, an all-the-way dry sparkling cider made in the methode champenoise, from 100% untreated apples picked from their own orchard in Esopus, NY and abandoned orchards in the immediate vicinity.

With only 250 cases produced in 2015, MHC is a very small-batch cidery. From tree-to-label, all aspects of production are done by owners Kimberly Kae and Matt DiFrancesco, whose intent is to create a cider reflective of and specific to the climate, terrain and history of the Town of Esopus.

Naked Flock Cidery

Warwick, NY

Naked Flock Hard Cider invites you to turn off your cell phone, relax and take a sip back in time to real Hard Cider. Made from 100% Hudson Valley apples without any added colorings, flavorings or grape spirits. Naturally gluten free. Simply naked Hard Cider.

Nine Pin Cider Works

Albany, NY

Nine Pin’s process begins just outside of Albany where we work with the best local apple growers to achieve just the right blend of apples. We also use unique apples grown from see on our family farm. The apples are pressed at the orchards and we transport the juice to our cidery in the heart of Albany. At our cidery, the fresh pressed juice undergoes our signature fermenting and aging process.

Orchard Hill Cider Mill

New Hampton, NY

Orchard Hill Cider Mill is located at Soons Orchard, and expands their 103 year history of providing locally grown produce to include locally produced fermented and distilled beverages. Our mission since the inception of the project has been to provide an alternative to the homogenized “big beer producer” style of cider that is most widely available today.

Our ciders are made with a minimum of manipulation and intervention. We respect traditional techniques and the natural expressiveness of our fruit, while not slavishly copying old world styles. We are excited to offer a new look at an American classic and feel that our ciders deserve a place at the table with the best wines, beers and spirits available. We know you’ll agree.

Original Sin

Hudson Valley, New York

Founded in 1996, Original Sin uses 100% freshly pressed NY apples to make it’s line of traditional dry ciders.

Pennings Cidery

Warwick, NY

Pennings Farm Cidery formed in December of 2014 as the newest addition to the Pennings Family Farm operation. The Cidery offers a variety of dry, semi sweet, hopped and other flavored ciders made on the farm right from our own apples, hops and other fruits. We also carry a variety of other New York State cider, craft beer and wine. Stop by our tasting room any weekend to see what you like best and enjoy our beautiful view!

Phonograph Cider

Ithaca, NY


World class expressive cider from high quality heirloom fruit including Rhode Island Greening and Northern Spy – Always using 100% New York State apples harvested at peak ripeness; pressed and fermented in the cool autumn weather. Produced in the Fingerlakes, and grown within 50 miles.

Rootstock Ciderworks

Williamson, NY

Rootstock Ciderworks is a farmstead cidery located in Williamson, NY — 25-miles east of Rochester, NY near the shores of Lake Ontario. Established in 2012 by David DeFisher, Rootstock Ciderworks — the first post-prohibition farmstead cidery in the Rochester region — is dedicated to using only locally sourced ingredients in crafting premium ciders and perry. The all-natural ciders are made from fresh fruit grown on the fourth generation DeFisher Fruit Farms — over 500 acres of orchards within the largest apple producing county in the U.S.–Wayne County.
With a commitment to sustainability, we use the organic byproducts from the cider making process on the farm, so there are no waste products and we have a solar energy system, producing green energy. We also believe in supporting the local community and U.S. based companies — 95% of our equipment is made in Upstate New York or the U.S.
In the words of founder and owner, David DeFisher “We take great pride in the fruit that we grow, and in the fact that we are a TRUE craft beverage maker. We own the land, we grow it, we press, ferment and bottle it here on site.” We utilize only estate grown, fresh-pressed fruit and use no fining agents or chemicals, which strip the juice of its color, flavors, and aromas. We have grown from 6,000 gallons produced in 2015, to nearly 28,000 gallons in 2016.

Slyboro Ciderhouse

Granville, NY

Named for the centuries-old hamlet that is home to Hicks Orchard, Slyboro Ciderhouse re-introduces the lost craft of traditional American ciders. Just as grapes are transformed into wine, our ciders are fermented from our own orchard-grown apples; unlocking the full potential of the apple by creatively blending a a distinctive range of delicious, award-winning ciders.

We at Slyboro Ciderhouse are dedicated to reclaiming cider – “true cider” – as America’s favorite drink. We invite you to explore and discover the flavors and delights of Slyboro Ciders. In any season, for special occasions, or to enrich the moment, “consider cider.”

South Hill Cider

Ithaca, NY

At South Hill Cider we use traditional heirloom cider apples as well as wild apples collected in our neighborhood to produce fine hard cider which showcases the terroir of the Finger Lakes region . Small-scale cidery and all small batch. We have a cider orchard with American and European cider apples as well as wild varieties grafted for cider production.

Treasury Cider

Hopewell Junction, NY

Fishkill Farms, after 100 years of growing apples, is proud to produce a traditionally crafted hard cider called Treasury Cider to invoke the farm’s founder, Henry Morgenthau Jr., who served as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under FDR. The idea of a treasury also speaks to the stewardship of planting and tending an orchard; and to the rich history of orchard-based cider in America.

Wayside Cider

Delhi, NY

Small batch, fine mountain ciders, based in the Catskills.

Westwind Orchard

Accord, NY

Westwind Orchard is an historical apple orchard in the Hudson Valley. Our craft ciders reflects our vision how we grow our apples. We are a certified organic apple orchard, and we believe in the natural and ancient methods of making this golden juice. Our ciders are dry, unfiltered, and naturally effervescent.